Barista in a book – Basic and intermediate barista handbook (II edition-revised)


Autore:Andrej Godina


Confezione:brossura filorefe





ENGLISH VERSION of “Barista in un libro – Manuale tecnico per il barista”

The first volume“Barista in a book – basic and intermediate barista handbook” is a basic compendium for the training of a professional barista, who knows in depth his job: from green coffee through the whole production chain, from roasted coffee to cup dispensing, then maintenance and adjustment of the equipment. And also: the preparation of cappuccino and latte macchiato, other coffee brewing methods, recipes, food and coffee pairings, advice on coffee and health.

“Barista in a book – basic and intermediate barista handbook”is the first volume that can be useful both to students (hotel schools as well as coffee training schools) and barista who already work, to improve cup quality. Being a good barista is probably one of the most difficult professions in the field of food and drink: the barista must not only be good at preparing a good espresso and an excellent cappuccino but must also have relational and entrepreneurial skills, manage his workstation and staff, be good at table service, organize supplying, visual and social marketing.

Espresso is the chemically more complex beverage a barista serves to its customers and many variables can affect its quality. Only a well-trained barista is able to meet these expectations: this volume offers the possibility to learn and improve your skills.

THE AUTHOR. Andrej Godina, coffee expert, PhD at the University of Trieste in Science, Technology and Economics in the Coffee Industry. He is a Member of the Specialty Coffee Association, SCA authorized trainer certificated Basic Barista, Barista, Master Barista, Introduction to Coffee, Green Coffee, Sensory Skills, Coffee Roasting, Brewing and Barista Skills. President of Caffemotive Srl, based in Trieste in charge of espresso R&D projects, president of Umami Area, member of the International Commission of SCA sensory skills. Author of numerous articles and technical books on the coffee chain, is recognized as one of the most important professional coffee tasters. He has also organized events such as Io bevo caffè di qualitàPausa Caffè FestivalUmami Barista Camp and Umami Coffee Camp.